The Cultural Center Collaborative, within The Division of Student Affairs, is committed to supporting the needs of Rutgers’ campus communities by creating a welcoming and holistic learning environment for all members of the community, inclusive of all identities and allies. The Paul Robeson Cultural Center, the Center for Latino Arts and Culture, the Center for Social Justice Education & LGBT Communities, and the Asian American Cultural Center come together to form the Cultural Center Collaborative. While maintaining distinct and individual center identities, we are grounded in a shared belief that ending one oppression requires ending all oppressions. We facilitate interactive learning, promote self-awareness, foster leadership development, encourage dialogue, and challenge traditional notions of diversity and inclusion while working with undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the New Brunswick/Piscataway community.

A Dream of Kikeokàn/Kuponya: Black and Native American Healing

“A Dream of Kikeokàn/Kuponya: Black and Native American Healing” kicks off Black History Month and honors Native American heritage on January 27, 2021 at 7 p.m. Centered in healing, the guest speakers, President Jonathan Holloway, Dr. Cornel West, and The Rev. J. R. Norwood, will bring awareness to the history, struggle, and resiliency of social justice movements.  Learn more…

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